Social Events

Scheduled Driftwood Social Events 

4th of July in Driftwood

The Driftwood Property Owners Association values our community social events and we encourage you to come out and play with us.  Not just the kids but everyone!

January: The Annual business meeting is held in the month of January for collection of dues.  Every two years it includes the election and appointment of new officers.

April:  The Spring meeting takes place on the last Saturday in April in the community park.  Business is discussed, and dues are collected before a potluck dinner.

July:  July 4th is a very special celebration in Driftwood.  It begins in the morning with a parade.  Costumes, motorcycles, wagons, a drummer and music are all staples of the Driftwood parade.   Afternoon activities vary from year to year, and have included homemade raft races, a dog show and children’s games.  An ice cream social or potluck with barbeque typically follows the afternoon events.

October: The Fall meeting is held on the first Saturday of October in the community park or designated location.  This is a business meeting followed by a potluck dinner.

December:  The New Year’s Eve tradition is a progressive dinner party, with 3-4 courses, each hosted in different homes.  Everyone contributes to a selected course, and family friends from around St. Petersburg look forward to their invitation to the party, even if they only drop in for one course.  Dan Schuh, a lifelong Driftwood resident, has long contributed the bubbly for the New Year’s toast, which takes place at the final course of dessert and champagne.

Special events over the years have included a charity tour of homes, benefiting The St. Petersburg Museum of History, a garden tour benefiting the Museum of Fine Arts’, and an outdoor art show of work by Driftwood neighbors and their friends, street dances and camp-outs for the neighbor children in the park, a raft race, and a dog show.

Mark your calendars now for these annual events.


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–Emily Greene Balch