Service Numbers

Auto Mechanic Tom K. Auto Service Auto Mechanics 727.895.7646 Agan
Appliance Repairs Better Homes/Bob Major Appliance Repairs 727.447.0108 Sheffield
Ebay/Craigslist Sales Michelle Gray Help you sell items on either or both Ebay/Craigslist 727.482.1130 Sheffield
Dog/Cat/House Sitting Michelle Gray Experienced Dog trainer 727.482.1130 Sheffield
Electrical Michael Rossigno Electrical Services 727.391.4555 Steinberg & Gregg
Electrical Lester Electric/Bill Electrical Services 727.391.1652 Shay
Electrical Bob Schuh Electrical Services 727.896.9012 Ritchey/Wolverton
Electrical Chuck Fusco Electrical Services 727.709.1296 Roux
Everything/Anything Spruce UP Services Yard Projects, House Cleaning, Pool, Handy Man Projects 727.821.4626 Morrison, Halsey, MacCorkle
Heating & Air Conditioning American Heating & Air Conditioning/Thylden Reele Residential Heating & AC Services & Repairs 727.236.2072 Sheffield
Maintenance Paul Vienzis Handyman 727.894.0719 Morey
Maintenance Jim Speaks Handy Man (carpentry, roofing, plumbing, siding) 727.214.4807 Knaust
Painting Jim Howell Interior & Exterior Painting 727.458.2101 Agan
Painting Alicia Austin & Josh McDonald Interior & Exterior Painting + Odd Jobs 727.215.8519 & 727.239.6781 Meinke
Painting Chris Gibb Interior & Exterior Painting 727.345.3477 Sheffield
Plumbing Bob Frank Plumbing All Plumbing Services 727.327.8301 Agan
Plumbing United Plumbing/Steve All Plumbing Services 727.446.7000 Shay
Roofing Dutches Roofing All Roofing Services 727.447.6767 Agan
Tree & Lawn Tree & Lawn Services/Doug Powell Yard Work & Tree Trimming Services 727.822.5562 Steinberg
Tree & Lawn ABC 12Tree/Bill Holmes Tree Trimming, Mulching, Tree Removal, Pruning, Landscaping, & Stump Grinding 727.224.9592 Bender
Tree & Lawn Louis & Beverly Tree Trimming, Yard Work, Pruning, etc. 727.458.9220 &727.549.0281 Mancusi
Tree Trimming Tim Murray Major Tree Work 727.528.3338 Sheffield

“Working hard and working smart sometimes can be two different things.”

Byron Dorgan