Helpful Numbers

Category Number  Web page
Emergencies 911
Police Community Officer (Joshua Hall) 727.892.5914
Police Tip Hot Line 727.892.5000
Police non-Emergency Number 727.893.7780
Police Info Desk 727.893.7521
Codes and Compliance Assistance
Code Violations Reporting 727.893.7373
Co. Codes Investigator 727.892.5487
City Permits 727.893.7231
Mayor’s Action Hotline 727.893.7111
Public Service Representative 727.551.3341
Neighborhoods Partnership Office 727.892.5141
Animal Control 727.582.2600
Graffiti 727.893.7394
Power Outage Hotline(Street Lights) 800.228.8485
Rodent Control 727.893.7360
Sanitation (Special Pick up) 727.893.7398
TECO Gas (Emergency) 877.832.6747
Vegetation/Mosquito Control 727.464.7503
Water & Sewer Problems 727.893.7761

Every night a couple are kept awake by the barking of their next-door neighbors’ dog. Finally the man has had enough and jumps out of bed. ‘Right!’ he says. ‘I’m going to teach them a lesson.’ So saying he runs downstairs and comes back five minutes later. ‘What did you do?’ asks his wife. ‘I’ve put their dog in our garden,’ replies the man. ‘Let’s see how they like it.’